Where2Go 411

National portal for Black enterprises and I.C.E experience

Where2Go 411 is a national directory for African-American businesses – enabling Black enterprises to connect with local and national buyers. Serving as a community connection for Black culture, business and entertainment, Where2Go 411 has created more than $3 billion worth of economic opportunities for Black enterprises.

Community empowerment through I.C.E experience

Where2Go 411 creates economic opportunities for African-American businesses through I.C.E (Inform, Connect, Engage) experience. The website is an extensive resource which enables people and companies to get Information about Black businesses. Plus it creates networking opportunities for African-Americans – helping them Connect with Black businesses and communities – at home or while on the move. Where2Go 411 also drives Engagement between Black businesses and mass procurement agencies, through strategic partnership with national/state institutions.

Content strategy and revenue model

Where2Go 411 is more than a local/national directory of Black businesses, the website keeps users informed about news and views concerning African-American community, by putting-out information in form of articles and videos. The directory serves as a convenient look-up for African-American owned businesses/professional service agencies, and gives Black enterprises an opportunity to submit quotes on trade enquiries - posted by partner institutions.

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Kathy Times & James Covington
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