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Macau Yellow Pages is a web service which helps consumers find and connect with local businesses in their neighborhood. The web service is available in Chinese as well as English, and serves as handy resource for residents and tourists.

Business finder, attractions guide and more

The city of Macau is a major tourist destination and an economic hub – visited by more than 20 million people each year. Macau Yellow Pages caters to the information needs of this vibrant city, by helping people find what they need. The keyword and location based search provides instant look-up on anything from construction and manufacturing to education and entertainment. The website also features an event calendar which keeps users informed about the hottest and most happening events in town. Macau Yellow Pages also provides an extensive attractions guide and a restaurant finder.

The revenue model

Macau Yellow Pages creates high impact promotional opportunities for local businesses via the yellow pages, event calendar, and restaurant guide. The website is supported by a multi-channel revenue model - backed by automated monetization system which ensures sustainable revenue.

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