Admin Control Panel

The Admin Control Panel facilitates core configurations including website SEO, site navigation, app/feature activation, staff/user account management etc. Access to Admin Control Panel is restricted to the super admin.

admin Image

How to access Admin Control Panel?

  • Go to (e.g.
  • Enter username and password (login credentials for Admin Control Panel are provided at the time of handover of your web portal deployment)
  • Click Sign in

Staff Control Panel

Through the Staff Control Panel your editorial staff can add, edit and moderate content across all content sections. Staff Control Panel also makes it convenient to track transactions and attend to inbound enquiries.

How to access Staff Control Panel?

  • Go to (e.g.
  • Enter username and password (super admin can access the Staff Control Panel using credentials used for accessing the Admin Control Panel). Separate accounts for each staff member can be created from the Admin Control Panel.
  • Click Sign in

How to switch between Staff/Admin Control Panel?

If you login to Staff/Admin Control Panel using admin credentials, you will be able to switch between control panels as shown below.

User Content Manager

User Content Manager helps users to participate in community discussions, post comments/reviews, contribute content and avail commercial services such as banner ad booking, directory subscription, content promotion etc.

Any user can access the User Content Manager by creating an account, or by singing in using their facebook, twitter, Google or Linkedin account.

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