Publish videos with ease

Create a space to publish videos, embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo, and allow users to embed their own videos

Easily upload and publish videos

3-step video publishing

Just 3 simple steps to publish videos! Choose a name and category for the videos, upload your own videos or select from Youtube or Vimeo search, and give a nice caption to publish.

Youtube, Vimeo Videos

Choose to integrate Youtube and Vimeo right into your dashboard! Search videos on Youtube or Vimeo, select the best videos from results, and embed them within your gallery.

SEO Manager

Dedicated SEO Manager to optimize your videos for maximum search engine visibility. Easily fine-tune SEO to gain maximum leverage from search driven traffic.

Engage your viewers

Intuitive User Interface

Offer an intuitive interface to your readers. Allow them to view featured videos or browse videos by category. Built-in search to allow quick access to videos of interest.

Commenting and Sharing

Allow users to post comments on your videos, and share favorite videos on social media websites with sharing buttons on each video page.

User Videos

Let your readers add their own videos by uploading or embedding from Youtube or Vimeo. Dedicated user dashboard to easily add videos, manage SEO, and track pageviews.

Administer with ease

Staff Backend

Intuitive staff backend to manage and moderate videos. Easily un-publish or delete videos, as well as manage SEO. Dashboard notifications about user activity and pending approvals.

Admin Panel

Manage your complete editorial workflow with the intuitive admin panel. Define roles, define categories, and also set moderation policies for user submissions.