Start an online restaurant guide

Create an online resource on restaurants where users can explore new ‘eating-out’ options. Provide restaurateurs an exciting online space for promoting their brand.

Quick info & insights about near-by eateries

Taxonomical Index

Create custom taxonomy and allow advertisers to post real estate ads under categories like independent house, apartment, office space, penthouse etc.

Search & Filter Options

Enable instant look-up on near-by eateries through keyword based search and filter options.

Detailed Info

Allow restaurant owners to create detailed listing pages with description, photos and full restaurant menu.

Features and monetization options

Earn Revenue

Offer sponsored and featured restaurant listings for a monthly/yearly subscription fee. Provide a self-service system for restaurateurs to sign-up and add listings.

SEO Manager

Use built-in SEO manager to fine-tune the SEO of restaurant listings. Gain maximum leverage from search driven traffic by optimizing listing pages for targeted keywords.


Intuitive staff backend provides a convenient way for editorial staff to manage/moderate restaurant listings.


Customize moderation workflow in-line with your editorial process. And, ensure smooth operation of your restaurant guide.