Start your own online real estate ad space

Revolutionize real estate advertising by creating an online space where users can buy, sell and rent property. BlackMonk helps you start a profitable real estate ad space with world class features.

Provide users a convenient way to buy, sell and rent property

Taxonomic Index

Create custom taxonomy and allow advertisers to post real estate ads under categories like independent house, apartment, office space, penthouse etc.

Easy Search and Filter

Provide powerful keyword based search and filter options to enable users find ideal property deals instantly.

Detailed Listing Page

Allow advertisers to create real estate listings featuring detailed description, key facts, image gallery, reviews and more.

User Dashboard

Provide users with a dedicated dashboard for posting real estate ads and a convenient contact management system for handling enquiries.

Feature and monetization options

Earn Revenue

Provide free or paid real estate ads with full control over pricing & features. Sell ads through a self-service transaction system and create sustainable revenues.

Custom Attributes

Define listing templates for each category and enable advertisers to highlight key information such as carpet area, facilities, furnishing etc.

SEO Manager

Use built-in SEO manager to fine-tune the SEO of real-estate listings and category pages. Gain maximum leverage from search driven traffic by optimizing listing pages for targeted keywords.

Staff Backend

Intuitive staff backend provides a convenient way for editorial staff to manage/moderate real estate ads.

Moderation Workflow

Customize moderation workflow in-line with your editorial process. And, ensure smooth operation of your real estate service.