Publish your own movies guide and showtimes

Serve movie buffs with latest movie reviews, information about current and upcoming movies, and the local showtimes.

Engage movie buffs

Current and upcoming movies

Publish information about current and upcoming movies. Create dedicated page for each movie with official poster, release date, synopsis, director and cast, official website, official trailers, critics reviews and photo gallery.

User reviews & twitter feeds

Allow users to submit their own reviews for each movie. Also, display Tweets related to a movie on respective movie pages by configuring BlackMonk to dynamically fetch tweets with specific hashtags and create a compilation of related tweets.

Social Media

Let fans share info about their favorite movies on popular social networks using social media sharing buttons included on each movie page. Also drive engagement by including links to official social media profiles of the movie on the movie pages.

Showtime finder

Allow users to get quick info on movie showtimes and movie halls using the showtime finder functionality.

Administer with ease

Showtime editor

BlackMonk provides a convenient interface through which you can compile a date-wise table of showtimes for cinema halls where the movie is being screened. The interface also enables quick updates and edits.

Staff backend

BlackMonk provides an intuitive staff backend, through which you can add/mange movies and create a list of local cinema halls. The staff backend also allows easy editing and deletion of movie listings.

SEO manager

Optimize the search ranking of your movie site and drive traffic via targeted keywords. BlackMonk’s SEO management system lets you fine-tune the SEO of each movie page, so you can get maximum leverage from search driven traffic.

Admin Panel

You can control the basic properties of your movie site from the administrator dashboard, where you can define genres as well as configure the SEO of your movie site.