Let your readers engage with each other

Give your readers another reason to stick with your portal by providing them a advanced platform to engage with each other.

Discussion platform with advanced features

Multi-topic discussion forum

Start a discussion board for general or niche audience, and allow discussions on a wide range of topics. Define topics for the discussion board and drive engagement.

Streamlined Response

Let users choose to answer a question or comment on either the question or an answer, with a clear distinction between question, answers and comments.

Easy Navigation

Users can browse discussions by topic or run quick search to access discussion relevant to specific keywords.

Social sign-in & Sharing

Encourage users to participate in discussions, by allowing hassle free log-in using Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. We have also enabled sharing of Q&A’s on social media, which will amplify the reach of the questions.

Easy moderation and administration

Staff backend

Edit/delete threads or moderate answers/comments within a thread to eliminate irrelevant and abusive content. Get dashboard notifications about new forum posts.

Admin Panel

Customize and manage your discussion forum from the administrator dashboard with ease. Define discussion topics and set moderation levels for approval of forum posts.