Start your own deal store

Create a space where you can partner with local vendors and offer exciting deals to your readers.

Simple workflow for buyers

Easy Browsing

A convenient interface for browsing deals. Showcase your best deals in 'featured deals' section. For each deal, provide pricing and discount information, key features, details, terms and conditions, and vendor's contact.

Easy Redemption

Let buyers purchase deals by using social sign-in. Buyers then fill a short form and pay for desired deal. Once paid, they receive the voucher to their inbox which can be redeemed at respective vendor outlets.

FAQ's Page for Buyers

Provide a detailed ‘How it works’ and FAQ sections to prospective buyers on your online deal store. Buyers can understand the process, the terms and conditions before buying a deal. You can set your own terms and conditions on this page.

Accountability and security for vendor partners

Inventory Control

When deals sell like hot cakes, demand supply mismatch becomes inevitable. Protect your vendor partners from such situation, by setting inventory levels on deals to ensure that the deal sales don’t exceed inventory holding or service capacity of your vendor partners.

Voucher Verification

Your online deal store comes with a voucher verification system, through which vendors can validate the authenticity of vouchers that are submitted for redemption. The voucher verification system safeguards vendors from incurring losses on fake redemption claims.

Easy monetization and administration

Monetize Deal Sale

Earn revenue from your deal store through commission on deal sales, weekly/monthly fees for publishing deals, and also charging a premium to promote deals in 'Featured Deals' section. Customize prices to best suit your business needs.

Vendor Management

Manage your vendor partners with ease, by enlisting them on BlackMonk’s vendor database. Once you enlist a vendor on the database, you will be able to create multiple deal campaigns for each vendor on your deal store.

Easy Deal Publishing

An intuitive backend for publishing deals on your online deals store. You can set expiry for each deal while publishing it. BlackMonk will automatically remove the deal upon expiry. Easily edit or remove deals, and monitor deal sales.