Start your own classifieds business

Easily create and manage a classifieds platform where buyers and sellers can post their listing. Generate revenue and serve useful content to readers.

Let buyers and sellers easily find what they want

Taxonomic Index

Customize the taxonomy of your classifieds, by creating categories, sub-categories. Provide a convenient index for buyers to find desired product or service.

Easy Search and Filter

Provide powerful search functionality to find desired offerings using multiple filters like keyword search, offer/wanted filter and price filter.

Detailed Listing Page

Listing page provides comprehensive details about the product/service: basic info, price, features and description, photo gallery, contact details, and enquiry form.

Dashboard for Posting

Let buyers and sellers add their classifieds through an intuitive dashboard. Let them manage content and SEO, track pageviews, and choose to promote the posting.

Easy monetization and customization

Earn Revenue

Easily monetize classifieds by enabling buyers and sellers to promote their listings. Classifieds app allows Free, Sponsored and Featured listings. Easily customize benefits and pricing of each tier.

Integrate Oodle Feed

You can choose to integrate classifieds feed from popular classifieds service Oodle. Configure Blackmonk to automatically fetch Oodle classifieds for any geographical region.

Custom Attributes

Optimize listings by defining custom attributes for each category/sub-category. Ensure that each classified ad includes key information relevant to the category/ sub-category.

SEO Manager

Use the built-in SEO manager to fine-tune the SEO of classified listings and category pages. Gain maximum leverage from the search engine driven traffic by optimizing classified listings via targeted keywords.

Staff Backend

Intuitive backend for staff to manage and moderate the listings. Easily upgrade, edit, un-publish or delete listings, and manage SEO. Dashboard notifications about user activity and pending approvals.

Admin Panel

Manage your complete editorial workflow with the intuitive admin panel. Define roles and permissions for staff, define categories and sub-categories, and also set moderation policies for user submissions.