Complete banner Ad Management Solution

Create, sell, and track Your Own Ad Inventory or use a third-party ad server.

Define Spots and Prices

Create ad-spots across all or selected content sections, and define impressions-based pricing for your advertizers through the admin panel.

Self-service dashboard

Provide self-service dashboard to advertizers where they can create ads, upload ad material, make payments, and track performance of their ads.

Contextual ad placement

Enable advertisers to maximize impact of their ad campaign by allowing them to choose content type (e.g. articles, photos) and category (e.g. sports, business) while placing the ads.

Performance Reporting

Track performance of each ad banner on your portal. Let the advertizers see reports for their own ads through their dashboards.

Staff backend

Manage and moderate your ad inventory through an intuitive staff backend. Dashboard notifications for pending approvals and user activity.

Use Third Party Servers

Maximize return on your ad inventory by integrating third party ad servers for serving banner ads on your portal.