An online guide to popular attractions

BlackMonk attractions app helps you create a comprehensive online resource on local attractions — featuring photos, videos and reviews

Easy Search and Filter

Provide convenient search and filter based look-up for local attractions. Visitors can filter attractions by type (e.g. museums or monuments) or search for attractions near specific localities.

Advanced Publishing

Feature most popular attractions on a carousel. For each attraction, publish description, photos/videos, contact details, location info and map, open hours, entry charges, and online ticketing information.

User Engagement

Let users login and comment using social media sign-in. Let them share their favorite attractions on social networks with share buttons. Let them contribute their own photos to the attractions guide.

SEO Manager

Use the built-in SEO manager to fine-tune the SEO of attraction listing and category pages. Gain maximum leverage from the search engine driven traffic by optimizing attraction listings via targeted keywords.

Staff Backend

Intuitive backend for staff to manage and moderate attraction listings. Easily edit or delete listings, and manage the SEO settings. Dashboard notifications about user activity and pending approvals.

Admin Panel

Manage your complete editorial workflow with the intuitive admin panel. Define roles and permissions, define categories/sub-categories, and also set moderation policies for user submitted content.