Complete editorial suite to publish engaging content

Easily create and publish media-rich, SEO-optimized news, features, and other informative content. Enhance productivity of your team with WYSIWYG editor, article scheduling and fully configurable workflows.

Content that engages your readers

Content Channels

Create channels centered on topics like politics, sports or entertainment. Aggregate content from various apps like photos, videos, events etc. under each channel. Create unlimited channels and define rules for each one.

Intuitive Browsing

Offer an intuitive interface to readers to navigate articles. Let them search by keywords, browse by categories, or find new content through 'Related Stories' which are added automatically to each article page.

User Engagement

Allow users to use their social media login credentials to login and comment on articles. Let them share their favorite content on social networks with share buttons on article pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Video Embedding

Rich media like videos and photos spice up stories like none other. But uploading the same media in two locations is inefficient. That’s why we’ve come up with embedding media. Videos, audio clips, tweets, Instagram photos, Vine videos and more.

Editors Pick

Editors get their own vanity profile page where they can display a select few featured posts.

Breaking news & Top ten stories

“Breaking news” for all those instant timely updates and “Top ten stories” should let you create a sense of urgency and take advantage of your readers’ attention span.

Encourage user generated content

User Contributions

Allow readers to contribute articles and news stories to your website. Get notifications for new user submissions. Define your own approval settings for user submissions.

Promotional Content

Allow marketers to submit press releases, advertorials and review requests. Define your own pricing structure for each type of promotional content publishing.

User dashboard

A dedicated, intuitive dashboard for guest authors and marketers to add and manage their own content. Let them also track pageviews, manage SEO, and pay for promoting their content.

Administer with ease

Advanced Publishing

Publish with ease with advanced features like WYSIWYG editor, inline insertion of images and videos, article scheduling, category creation, featuring top content on built-in carousels on home page and channel pages.

Staff Backend

Intuitive backend for staff to manage and moderate the content. Easily upgrade, edit, un- publish or delete articles, as well as manage the SEO settings. Dashboard notifications about user activity and pending approvals.

Admin Panel

Manage your complete editorial workflow with the intuitive admin panel. Define roles and permissions, define content categories, and set pricing for promotional content, and also set moderation policies for user submissions.

SEO Manager

Dedicated SEO Manager to optimize your content for search engine visibility. Easily fine-tune SEO to gain maximum leverage from search driven traffic.

Bulk CSV upload

An inbuilt facility to upload content in bulk using CSV format. You can also use the facility to migrate your online magazine or news portal to BlackMonk.