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Channels FAQ's

  • How do I create a new channel?

    Your BlackMonk website comes with pre-defined set of channels. You can enable and configure channels as and when you like.

  • What is a channel?

    Channel refers to a subject-specific section of your websites where related content from various sections like articles, photo gallery, business directory etc are aggregated. For example a lifestyle channel displays lifestyle related articles, events, photos and business listings.

Sweepstakes/Contests FAQ's

  • How are contest/sweepstake winner selected?

    Winners are selected based on the Award points allotted to users for sharing their contest entry on social networks. Specify number of points to be awarded for each mode of sharing and the winner is chosen based on the points.

  • What is are contests?

    When user enters a contest he gets a chance to win a reward by answering the contest question correctly.

  • What are Sweepstakes?

    When user enters a sweepstake he gets a chance to win a reward. Winners of sweepstakes are selected randomly without the need for answering a question or performing a task.

Deals FAQ's

  • Who pays publisher’s commission?

    While submitting a deal, merchants can set a commission rate within a specified range. The commission amount is paid by the user at the time of buying the deal from the website, and the merchant is not required to make any payment to the publisher.

  • How can merchant process voucher redemption?

    When a user presents voucher at merchant outlet, merchant is required to verify the authenticity of the voucher through the voucher verification system (the URL of the voucher verification system will be emailed to you once the deal is approved). Once the voucher is verified, you can offer the product(s) or service(s) promised in the deal and charge the due amount as specified on the voucher.

  • How much does user have to pay when buying a voucher?

    At the time of buying the voucher from the website, the user will be required to pay an amount computed as per the commission rate set by the merchant. This amount is retained by the publisher.

  • How does deal work?

    Once your deal is live, users will be able to buy vouchers by paying a percentage of the discounted price applicable on the voucher. The amount paid by user at the time of buying the deal is retained as publisher’s commission and the rest is paid (by user) directly to the vendor at the time of redeeming the voucher.

  • How will i know if somebody has purchased a deal from my website?

    You will receive an email if you have configured the email id in the Admin settings to automatically receive email notifications.

  • How do I track voucher sales?

    Go to Staff Control Panel > Deals > Vouchers to view log of vouchers sold through your website.

  • How is revenue shared between publisher and merchant?

    While adding a deal merchant can set a commission rate (within the range specified by the publisher). When user purchases a deal voucher he is required to pay equivalent to the commission rate (which is retained by the publisher), and the remaining amount is directly paid to the merchant at the time of redeeming the voucher.

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