Rich Snippets - What it is & Why it's important

rich snippets

While SEO is all about making your website rank high in search results, rich snippet is a relatively less known concept which focuses on making search listings more meaningful for users. The concept of rich snippets is best understood through an example.

Conventional Search Listing

blackmonk blog rich snippet without markup

Search listing with rich snippets

blackmonk blog rich snippe markup image

Rich snippets were first introduced by Google in May 2009, and later other search engines followed suite. Rich snippets help in increasing click-through rate by making your search listing more prominent and meaningful in comparison to conventional search listings.

How to optimize your website for rich snippets?

In order to optimize your website for rich snippets, you need to include a set of HTML markups in each page of your website. The HTML markups tell search engines what the page is all about, so the search listing corresponding to the page can be presented in an appropriate format.

Most search engines provide rich snippet support for many types of content including: events, products, reviews, software application etc. In order implement rich snippets for your website, you’ll have to build HTML markups for each page depending on the content of the page. provides full documentation on creating HTML markups for different types of content. The website is a joint venture of major search engines, and provides instructions for building HTML markups based on Micro-data.

blackmonk blog markup

Rich snippets can be implemented using 3 forms of HTML markups:

  1. Micro-data (
  2. Micro-formats
  3. RDFa

Google recommends webmasters to implement rich snippets through Micro-data.

Schema markups are extensively used by search engines to improve user experience and provide quality data in organic search result. Online publishers also have the option of using CMS solutions which provide ‘out of the box support’ for SEO and rich snippets.