Attention Publishers! Google to penalize non-mobile friendly websites

April 21 is the D -day for updating to a responsive website

As part of its initiative to provide better search experience to users, Google will soon down-rank websites that are not optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The upcoming update to Google’s search algorithm which takes effect on April 21, will adversely impact online publishers who have not made their websites mobile-friendly.

Google’s earlier Panda & Penguin updates were focused on improving the relevancy of search results by down-ranking websites with low quality content. However, its upcoming update is focused on providing great search experience on mobile devices, which means websites that have great content but are not mobile friendly will be penalized by Google.

Up until now, upgrading to a mobile friendly website was a matter of choice for website owners. But now, responsive websites are a must have. With its upcoming update, Google is making mobile responsive a de-facto standard for websites, when earlier website owners had the option to create separate websites for mobile and computer users.

Once Google’s updated algorithm kicks in, it will not only penalize traditional fixed width websites, but also web pages containing photo galleries, videos and other elements which are not supported on mobile. The algorithm will also down rank websites which redirect mobile users to a different URL (mobile site). Full details of how the April 21 update will affect search results were announced by Google on Webmaster Central Blog.

Quick ‘go responsive’ strategy for online publishers

Google’s new search algorithm is a cause of concern for publishers of media websites, as it has the potential to throttle their traffic. However, publishers can save the day by migrating their website to a mobile ready publishing platform.

BlackMonk is a web publishing framework which provides ‘out of the box’ responsive templates for a great user experience across computers and mobile devices. Migrating content to BlackMonk is a breeze thanks to the CSV upload feature, which makes it possible to port thousands of content pages with unimaginable ease.

BlackMonk also provides multi-format publishing capabilities, widest range of monetization options and path-breaking social/community features to help publishers take their website to the next level.

South Maryland's #1 news website re-launched - powered by BlackMonk

The BayNet Community News for South Maryland

The #1 community news service of Southern Maryland The BayNet was re-launched last week with brand new design and loads of exciting features. Known as the CNN of South Maryland, The BayNet provides extensive coverage of St Mary’s, Charles and Calvert counties to an audience of 500,000 readers.

The new version of The BayNet is much more than a community news source, and serves as a ‘go to’ place for everything local. Users can now keep tabs on local events, use the handy movie/showtimes guide to catch-up on latest flicks and steer-clear of traffic snarls by catching live feed from traffic cameras (from key locations across South Maryland). The website also doubles up as a commerce platform for B2C and peer to peer advertising with the introduction of comprehensive business directory classifieds space and real estate section.

Since 2006, The BayNet has published news stories and articles on range of topics from politics to crime and entertainment to gardening. The new design curates content into subject-specific channels like: National & World News, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness etc. Enabling users to enjoy quick access to content of interest.

The earlier version of The BayNet was fully dependent on BANNER ADS revenue. However, the new website allows publishers to create new revenue channels based on premium business directory subscription and paid classifieds/real estate ads.

Following last week’s re-launch, The BayNet has now progressed from being a community news source to a full-fledged hyperlocal resource, which offers more value to users and to the community as a whole.

CMS Expo 2013: Five Must Attend Sessions by Five Prolific Speakers

The 2013 edition of CMS expo and Learning & Business Conference is a great opportunity for stake holders of the CMS community to interact with trend setters from the world of web technology, marketing and content strategy. This year there will be forty eight empowering sessions on various topics including technology selection, coding and communication management. We have identified 5 most prolific presenters you absolutely can’t miss at the Learning & business conference in Evanston.

Margot Bloomstein

Margot Bloomstein is a Branding and content strategist at Appropriate Inc and the author of “Content Strategy at Work.” With over 10 years of experience, she is a specialist at creating brand appropriate user experiences that engage the audience and project key messages with clarity.

At the expo, Bloomstein will deliver a session entitled “Cart Meets Horse: Content Strategy for Content Management,” which is a must-attend for organizations that are on the verge of acquiring a new CMS solution. The session will help you consider a new CMS through the lens of your content strategy and communication goals. Bloomstein will pull-out vital tricks from her goody bag of ‘brand driven content strategy’ to help you determine your message architecture and accordingly choose a CMS solution.

Robert Rose

Robert Rose is an expert in digital media, marketing, social media and SAAS. He has been an advisor to a diverse clientele which includes the US Army, Activision and Intuit. Rose is a regular contributor to Content Marketing Institute and co-author of the book “Enterprise 2.0: How Technology, E-Commerce and Web 2.0 Are Transforming Business Virtually.”

Rose will be giving an inspiring talk on BIG DATA minus the hype. He will speak about the practicalities of BIG DATA and reveal how companies are harnessing the power of big data, right now. In the session entitled “Big Data: Can you Pull Value from a Big Box of Nonsense,” Rose will offer insights into a practical and disciplined approach to establishing a big data architecture roadmap.

Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer is an authority on adaptive design and has created twelve tutorials for A Harvard University instructor, Kramer is known for her no-frills advice on best practices for responsive design.

Kramer’s session on responsive technology entitled “Get Responsive” will present the different approaches to responsive design. The session will also help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, so you can choose the most appropriate responsive technology for your website.

David Aponovich

David Aponovich is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and an expert on web content management and digital experience technologies. He is the co-author of an upcoming report “The Forrester Wave: Web Content Management for Digital Experience, Q1 2013” which evaluates 10 WCM systems.

Aponovich will deliver a session entitled “Seven Technologies you’ll Invest In for Great Digital Customer Experience,” which will help you prioritize what software to use for offering great DX. Aponovich will talk about the seven software technologies that are must-haves if you wish to enhance your digital experience.

Jonathan Shroyer

Jonathan Shroyer is a web design & development expert and co-owner of corePHP. If you are a coder, you cannot miss Shroyer’s session “Bad Ass CSS, Using (LESS),” which will arm you with all the tips and tricks you need to do more with less code.

So, these are the five speakers you can’t miss at the upcoming edition of CMS Expo. If you’ve any suggestion or would like to add to the list then please feel free to drop us a comment.