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RestaurantsCT is an exclusive online resource for information and reviews about restaurants and eateries which are based in Connecticut. Accessed by more than 5000 people each month,the website offers great insights on food, beverages and eateries.

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As an exclusive online resource providing information about food and beverages,RestaurantsCT features great content and insightful reviews about dining destinations across Connecticut. The website has a dedicated section on food news – providing latest updates about food/beverage brands, farm produce and local culinary events.

The chief highlight of RestaurantsCT website is the comprehensive restaurants directory featuring hundreds of eateries including: cafes, bakeries, delis, restaurants and takeaways.The website also features a deals section where users can buy food coupons and enjoy sumptuous meals at discounted prices.

Creating revenues through advertising and subscription

As a popular online resource on culinary news and restaurant reviews, RestaurantsCT creates revenues by offering premium directory listings to Connecticut based restaurants. The website also provides options for banner advertising, event promotion and coupon marketing.RestaurantsCT allows restaurateurs and food vendors to avail promotional services through an automated system, so editorial staff can concentrate creating great content.

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