Information and Advice on Parenting

Peahive is a web service for parents – covering all aspects of parenting from pregnancy to childcare and education. On Peahive parents can read insightful articles by experts, checkout reviews of healthcare/educational institutions, and participate in parenting forums.

Online resource and concierge services for parents

Peahive makes parenting a better, easier and fun experience, by enabling parents make informed decision on everything from prenatal care to education. The website connects parents with trusted health and educational services in their city. Featuring articles, reviews and a directory of trusted professionals/institutions, Peahive is a comprehensive resource on parenting. The website also offers online and onsite consulting service to help parents looking for guidance and advise in important areas of parenting.

Paywall, ecommerce & directory subscription

Peahive has effectively implemented a Paywall system, which allows content access to paid members. A unique feature of the paywall is that it intricately controls content/service access based on the scope of the membership plan.

While site memberships are an important revenue source for Peahive, the website also creates revenue through online sale of consulting services and directory subscription. Users can book online/onsite concierge service on pay-by-hour or la carte basis via a self-service booking system.

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