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Announcing BlackMonk v3.3 with inline editor for building rich static pages and more

BlackMonk v3.3 enables publishers to deliver a more engaging web portal experience. The new release introduces a whole host of features that enhance the impact of content, and provide users a more convenient transaction workflow for availing paid services.

Build rich static pages with inline editor

Creating/editing static pages is a breeze with the new inline editor, which enables quick text formatting and image/video insertion. Unlike the conventional WYSIWYG editor where content is edited within a small text area, the inline editor gives the experience of editing a live web page. Just click anywhere on the page to edit/enter content, and use the handy context menu for formatting and insert options.

The inline editor allows publishers to create rich static pages inclusive of cover image and multi-media content.

Cover image for content pages

BlackMonk v3.3 gives publishers an option to enhance the visual impact of their content, by adding cover image to individual content pages including: articles, events, business listings etc.

cover image in content pages

Enhanced business directory with widgets for displaying recent photos and reviews

The business directory app allows publishers and advertisers to create extensive business listings -complete with photo gallery and product catalog. The app gets even better with the addition of photo and review widget – appearing on the index page of the directory. The widget displays recent photos and reviews - giving users instant access to updated listings and consumer opinion.

Improved transaction workflow and subscription payment through Stripe

BlackMonk v3.3 provides a more comfortable transaction workflow for availing paid services such as: sponsored articles, business directory subscription, event sponsoring etc.  Additionally, publishers opting for Stripe payment gateway - now have the option to automate payments for business directory subscriptions. In the earlier version, automated subscription payment option was only available for PayPal payment gateway.

In addition to newly introduced features, numerous major and minor bugs have been fixed in BlackMonk v3.3.

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