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Announcing BlackMonk V3.0 with responsive design, content channels, dynamic widgets & more

We are excited to announce the launch of the much awaited BlackMonk v3;0. The new release of BlackMonk web publishing platform takes web portal experience to a new high, with features that enable world class content curation and seamless user experiences across computers and mobile devices.

BlackMonk v3.0 was built ground-up to enable publishers expand the outreach of their content, and build an engaged community around their website. Monetization has always been the key aspect of BlackMonk, and the new release enables publishers to drive revenues through: advertising, promotional content, directory subscription and online sales – along with an option to integrate third party affiliate marketing channels.

Responsive design

BlackMonk v3.0 introduces responsive web portal design for convenient viewing on all devices from 21” desktop monitors to 7” tablets and 4” smart phones. The new responsive front-end, adapts to different screen sizes by presenting content through adaptive layouts.

BlackMonk v3;0 responsive design

With ‘out of the box’ responsive capabilities, publishers can now reach-out to the ever growing segment of mobile and tablet users. Publisher can also order a custom Android/iOS app to deliver information/content to ‘on the move’ mobile audience.

All new community app

The new community app takes engagement to a whole new level, by providing a framework through which users can indulge in discussions, share ideas and receive advice from peers.

BlackMonk v3 - all new community app

Content channels

BlackMonk v3.0 makes content presentation more intuitive for the audience, by enabling publishers to club various forms of content into subject-specific channels. The new channel feature allows easy access to information of interest – enabling publishers to put out content targeted at different interest groups.

BlackMonk v3 - all new channel feature


Now, publishers can create widgets for showcasing dynamically compiled content such as: popular events, most viewed photos, most commented articles and so on. Widgets help drive traffic to key areas of the website, and publishers can also create embed-able widgets for third party websites/blogs.

To know more about other features of BlackMonk v3.0 click here. If you are interested in using Blackmonk V3.0 for your next web portal project, please write to us.

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